IPETCO with long experience in power system studies and using different application software( EMTP RV, CYME, SINCAL, PSS/E, DIgSILENT, ETAP and SESTECH) is pleased to inform you of any requested house training workshop regarding to following topics and software:

1- Bidirectional Integration with GIS and Distribution load flow studies in GIS
2- Relay coordination studies
4- Transient stability and load shedding studies
5- cable ampacity and cable impedance calculation studies
6- Transient & Temporary overvoltage due to switching
7- Modeling and analysis of Transient Recovery Voltage(TRV) & Rate of Rise of Recovery Voltage(RRRV) in power systems
8- Modeling substation & overhead lines for Switching studies
9- Lightning surges Modeling and overvlotages studies
10- Calculating corona losses
11- Substation grounding modeling and analysis
12- Electrical Design of power plant
13- Detailed design of SLD of for MV/LV Panels
14- Design and calculation of batteries, battery chargers, UPS and distribution DC panels
15- sizing and preparing cable routs and cable trays drawings
16- Emergency system design and DG calculation
17- Design of secondary earthing systems
18- Design of lightening protection systems
19- Design of PLC, ESD and DCS systems and preparing all related documents
20- Design and execution of fuel transportation process
21- Design and execution of water and sewage treatment systems
22- Design and execution of fire fighting systems