IPET-Co. hold following technical courses in Turkey and all Middle East Countries

EMTP RV Software primary & advanced training courses for modeling and analysis of electromagnetic phenomena as:
Lightning surges, Switching surges, Temporary over voltages, Ferroresonance Motor starting, Series and shunt resonances, Capacitor bank switching, Sub synchronous resonance and shaft stresses.
for industrial and transmission networks.


EDS Package:


- produce Intelligent 2D circuit diagrams including; schematics, wiring diagrams, cable block diagrams and loop diagrams

- Protogen & Ebase:Automatic production of repetitive 2D circuits such as loops, motor control cells, 1 Line diagrams , creation of Bill Of Materials, Wire Lists, Cable Lists, Label lists, Cross Reference Reports, Project Database links and transfers, Warnings reports, Revision Reports


- creation of Electrical Panels , wire routing/filling/length calculations, interference analysis and materials reporting.

- Raceway models, construction of electrical models and general arrangements, Automatic cable routing/filling/length calculations, interference analysis and materials reporting.

Instrument Manager

- automated production of instrumentation documents such as, Data Sheets, Loop Diagrams, Hook up Diagrams, Wiring /Terminal Strip diagrams, Instrument Index report, Bill of materials report, Cables Schedule report, Interconnection reports and