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Protective Device Coordination software has following capabilities:

Protective Device Coordination

Protective Device Coordination addresses Time Over-Current protection for Industrial, Commercial and Distribution Power systems. The program comes with an extensive database of over 5000 protective devices that are easily called to produce Time-Current curve plots and device settings reports. It also features a unique Coordination wizard to suggest protective device settings/adjustments and ratings.

The main features of the module are:

  • A view that shows time-current plot to visualize fuses, relays, circuit breakers, motor starting, cable and transformer damage curves.
  • Protection and coordination analysis functionality to determine the reach, loading and coordination of protection.
Protective Device Time-Current Plots

  • Coordination path selected and highlighted on the network one-line diagram
  • Seamless interface to the Distribution System Analysis Software power flow and short-circuit analysis modules
  • Device loading, minimum and maximum short-circuit levels are automatically calculated and immediately available to the protection coordination functionality
  • Generation of time-current curve plots and device setting reports using any of the 15000 devices stored in the library
  • Curves plotting on standard Keuffel & Esser log-log forms, or on plain paper
  • One-line diagrams or time-current curve plots export to files for inclusion in reports
  • Capability to examine and change the settings of any device at any time
  • Coordination margins measurement on-screen using the mouse or the Device Margin function
  • Control over details such as current scale, plotting voltage, title block, curve colors, line thickness and device identification
Protective Device Coordination

The protective device coordination analysis functionality can be used to verify whether the device curves in the study are coordinated, according to user-defined criteria.

The analysis can be done on a single feeder, on several feeders, or on the entire network. The user can generate the desired reports for the protective devices on any or all feeders in the network.

The main analysis capabilities include:

  • Verification of the Coordination Criteria between successive pairs of devices, and report on any devices whose adjusted curves intersect within the range of minimum to maximum fault current
  • Protective “reach” for each device
  • Device loading as a percentage of its rated current under normal operating conditions
  • Device clearing as to whether any protective device exceed its maximum permitted clearing time
  • Primary and secondary protective devices
  • Fuse clearing or saving option
  • Transformer and cable damage curves, and motor starting curves

Program Features

Protective Device Coordination provides a powerful “CAD-like” editor that allows building the network One-Line Diagram by simply clicking and dragging device symbols onto the drawing. The time-current characteristic curves for the protective devices can be visualized onscreen, plotted on standard log-log paper and routed to various printers. The One Line diagram and the Time-Current curve can be exported to files for inclusion in other reports as well.

The program is capable of generating all the necessary study benchmarks such as cable and conductor damage curves, motor starting curves, transformer withstand curves, inrush and thermal points and offers comprehensive graphical and tabular means for verifying the curve clearances at any fault current or system voltage level. The Arc Flash Hazards Analysis module can be added to Protective Device Coordination software to further complement the analyses.
Seamless Interface to Distribution System Analysis Modules

Protective Device Coordination software features a direct interface to:

  • While the Protective Device Coordination software is a stand-alone application, its installation with Protective Device Coordination software allows the user to access coordination functions and thus perform directly from the Distribution System Analysis Software interface analyses requiring protection data and design coordination schemes on a single platform.

  • The short circuit analysis module for industrial networks allows the user to correct protective devices on the one-line diagram, change the coordination sequence of a branch, perform fault analysis and seamlessly interface to Protective Device Coordination software. The coordination settings as defined in Protective Device Coordination software can then be automatically exported back to short circuit analysis.

Analytical Capabilities

  • Curve dragging option to adjust coordination.
  • High quality graphic display and output
  • Printing on log-log paper (curves only) or on plain paper (curves and grid)
  • Accounts for LL and LG through-faults on Delta-Y transformers
  • Automatic duration verification applying user-defined criteria
  • Interactive analysis reports
  • Coordination wizard to suggest protective device adjustments and ratings.
  • Powerful tool to measure separation time between each pair of device.
  • Cooper Electronic reclosers: VXE, Form 4C, 5C, 6C, Type FX, FXA, etc.
  • Control of current scale, colors, curve hatching, ID tag location, title block style, and more.
  • Facility to import external graphic file (e.g., a company logo) to the curve plot.
  • Facility to export the curve plot to AutoCAD® DWG/DXF, SVG (XML), and other formats.
  • Ability to open two or more studies and copy curves from one to another.
  • Automatic relay time dial selection based on desired operating time.
  • Ability to enter numerical equations to model electronic relays.
  • Enhanced search tool to find and create devices rapidly.

Device Library

Protective Device Coordination software includes an Integrated Device Library Manager program that allows the user to add new device characteristics to the database and to modify existing curves.
The devices are categorized and stored by manufacturer name and device type for easy retrieval. The database contains more than 15000 devices from North American, European and Asian manufacturers. It features Low Voltage Circuit Breakers (electromechanical, solid state and molded case), Fuses, Relays (electromechanical and electronic) and Reclosers (hydraulic and electronic).
The device library is updated regularly and you may update your own library "On-line" from the software web site.The software device database available to the module includes over 15,000 devices; which is equivalent to more than 100 000 curves of North American, European and Asian manufacturers