Professional power system simulation software


EMTP-RV is suited for a wide variety of power system studies whether they relate to project, design and engineering, or to solving problems and unexplained failures.

Studies include and are not limited to:

Power system design
Power systems stability and load modeling
Control system design
Motor starting
Power electronic and FACTS
HVDC networks
Lightning surges
Temporary overvoltages
Insulation coordination
Complete network analysis
And much more !

EMTP-RV is the most technically advanced transients analysis software for the simulation and analysis of power systems.

POWERSYS is the worldwide commercializer of EMTP-RV. Ipet-Co company is an official EMTP-RV distributor.

Before and after sales support is very important to us. EMTP-RV’s team will provide you with comprehensive assistance and technical support!

The simulation of power systems has never been so easy!

EMTP-RV's strengths:

•Used worldwide as a reference tool by the main actors of the power system industry (EDF, RTE, Hydro-Québec and many others).

•Capability to efficiently and quickly perform simulation of very large power systems. •Numerical robustness and stability of the simulation engine.

•Capability to automatically initialize time-domain simulations from steady-state. •Comprehensive built-in libraries including detailed models of motors, transformers, lines, …

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EMTP-RV’s benefits:

Unmatched ease of use

Superior modeling flexibility
Customizable to your needs

Prompt and effective technical support

Competitive pricing

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