ElectroFlow -- The 11-in-1 System

ELECTROFLOW™ is the only internationally renowned 11 in 1 integrated system, with SIX Exclusive Features, in the world! It is state-of-the-art and culmination of nearly 40 years of innovation, at Ph.D. level, led and developed by Dr.Mehrdad.
ELECTROFLOW ™ can be applied to voltages ranging from 208 V to 345 KV, for loads from 100 KW to 3,100 MW, with payback of less than two years!
ELECTROFLOW™ can be used in existing, to-be-built, and/or new buildings. There is no similar product anywhere in the world!
ELECTROFLOW ™ is internationally renowned and award winning system. It is unique with proven performance and satisfied customers in 112 countries worldwide.