EDS Products Overview

EDS (Elecdes Design Suite) consists of several I&E programs and several utility programs.

The I&E programs are used by instrument and electrical designers for creating diagrams, reports and databases to document their designs. The utility programs are used within EDS for the purposes of learning about EDS and also viewing, editing and printing the designers documents.

Below is a list of these programs. Click on the heading to view a detailed data sheet of each program including a summary features list.


Instrumentation and Electrical Programs

Elecdes is used, in conjunction with a CAD package, to produce Intelligent 2D circuit diagrams including; schematics, wiring diagrams, 1 line diagrams, cable block diagrams and loop diagrams. Elecdes has standard symbol and manufacturers parts libraries. Elecdes has a rich set of drawing and database tools to automate and speed the production of circuit diagrams.

Paneldes is the 3D design module of EDS used for the creation of Electrical Panels and Plant Raceway models. Its main functions, aside from the construction of electrical models and general arrangements, are; cable and wire routing/filling/length calculations, interference analysis and materials reporting.

A new "data-centric" Instrument design and documentation system. Used for the automated production of instrumentation documents such as, Data Sheets, Loop Diagrams, Hook up Diagrams, Wiring /Terminal Strip diagrams, Instrument Index report, Bill of materials report, Cables Schedule report, Interconnection reports and many other documents

Ebase is the database engine at the heart of all 'data-centric' operations for EDS circuit diagrams. For creation of Bill Of Materials, Wire Lists, Cable Lists, Label lists, Cross Reference Reports, Project Database links and transfers, Warnings reports, Revision Reports and more...

Protogen: For DATABASE controlled mass production of repetitive 2D circuits such as loops, motor control cells, 1 Line diagrams etc.


Utility Programs

DBEdit is a simple row and column editor which can be used for creation and maintenance of DBASE compatible databases. All standard EDS reports are saved in this format and DBEdit is a great tool for editing these.

Batch Printer has been designed specifically for viewing and printing large sets of Electrical / Instrumentation 2D diagrams - hands free.

The EDS Recorder module is used for recording or capturing computer screen activity and replaying it. Its function is similar to that of a video recorder. When a screen activity "movie" is recorded it can have captions added to assist the user in understanding during playback. Primary use is for EDS tutorial movies and EDS demo movies.

Licence Manager is the security module for the EDS products.