Our engineering Team is able to do following services:


* Design and execution of fuel transportation process

* Design and execution of water and sewage treatment systems

* Design and execution of fire fighting systems

* Preparing all related documents like PFD, P&IP,… drawings


* Design of piping with CADWORX/PDMS software and executing for below systems

-- Fire fighting systems

-- Transportation of oil and gas products

-- Water and sewage treatment systems

* Execution of Piping Systems

Design and Construction of storage tanks

* Design of  storage tanks for oil products and chemicals in accordance with API and with TANK DESGIN software

* Design of pressure vessels in accordance with ASME-sec VIII

* Construction of Storage Tanks

Heat ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems

* Selecting of optimized systems according to the climate in which the projects  are held

* Design and calculation of HVAC systems with CARRIER software

* Procurement, installation and commissioning of HVAC systems