Our engineering Team is able to do following services:

MV and LV panels

Detailed design of SLD of for MV/LV Panels by using Elecdes and Paneldes software

Preparing technical specifications ,datasheets, test reports, commissioning instructure manual

Protective systems

* Load flow and short circuit study with SINCAL, NEPLAN, ETAP and CYME softwares

* Design and calculation of electrical protection systems

* Setting and testing of protection relays

AC/DC and UPS systems

Design and calculation of batteries, battery chargers, UPS and distribution DC panels

* Procurement

*Construction and commissioning

Cable and cable trays

* Preparing cable routs and cable trays drawings

* Preparing cable sizing calculation and cable lists


* Procurement, installation and testing

Diesel generators

* Emergency system design and DG calculation

* Procurement, installation and commissioning of DG

Earthing and lightning systems

Design and calculation of main grounding networks with ETAP and CYME software's

* Material take off

* Design of secondary earthing systems

* Design of lightening protection systems

* Procurement, installation and commissioning of earthings and lightning systems

Lighting systems

Design of lighting systems for indoor and outdoor areas and streets with CALCULUX software

* Design of and executing professional lighting systems and 3-D simulation and also precise calculation with DIALUX software

* Design and construction of professional lighting systems for special areas such as buildings, historical buildings, squares and statues

* Design and construction of lighting management systems (LMS) with DALI and 1..10V protocols

Communication systems

* Paging, telephone and clock systems

Central antenna systems

Closed circuit TV (CCTV) and security systems

Instrument equipments

Preparing all documents related to instrument equipments such as specifications and hook up drawings

* Preparing P&ID due to its process requirement

* Selecting type and specification of instrument equipments and preparing the data sheets

* Preparing material requisition

* Procurement, installation and commissioning

Control systems

* Preparing control philosophy and system description documents

* Design of PLC, ESD and DCS systems and preparing all related documents

* Design of system arrangement

* PLC programming

* Procurement, installation and commissioning of control systems

Fire alarm systems

* Design of conventional and addressable fire alarm systems

* Procurement, installation and commissioning of fire alarm systems